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TOP 10 Favorite Anime Characters :)

lol. just wanna post something.

Minato Namikaze / Yondaime Hokage
i'd die to meet him!!!
*image from http://naruto-network.blogspot.com/

*image from http://www.freewebs.com/narutofansiteno1/

*image from http://www.bishounen.net/

*image from photobucket.com

L :)
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  It's just gonna be me and my mama this year. Just the two of us at  home. If i think about it, its not really that sad. yes my past  christmases are always filled with people, noise and food food food. I miss that Christmas too i guess. but im really thankful now that at least i have her. My christmas will definitely be more quiet this year. but im sure its gonna be more homey too.

***aww the bad thing is im gonna return home in the country and there's no internet there and my life has been totally dependent to internet. yeah. ima cybergeek. well. but i wont ever leave my mom alone during christmas***
Hiya. i'd like to hear how everyone's christmas is. :D
i dont care if you're a randomer or a mutual friend or what. haha
i just really like interacting in my blog THAT much.

xoxo <3

<--a 19 year old girl showing her immaturity by wearing bear headbands that reminds me of chopper(one piece)
lol. ok. thats me.

Earth Water Fire


yay! so i've tried to do photomanipulation and i was pleased with how it turned out :D :D :D

I chose the 4 nature elements as a theme.

I still did not do the Air Element htough.I still  got no idea how to do it to be honest.
and i think i need to redo the Fire Element coz i dont think this one turned out nice hmm...

**please share your ideas if you got any :P *

check out more here : MY GALLERY

Girl Quotes

hating me won't make you any prettier. even loving me either.

i am who i am. your approval isn't needed.

i am fat.you are ugly..and i can diet.

if you can't accept me at my worst.then you don't deserve me at my best.

i am not the girl your mother warned you about. Her imagination was never this good.

*open for comments,suggestions, and violent reactions. ;)naah anyone got more quotes?thankies :D

happy birthday to me


its my 19th birthday tomorrow! september 14, 2008
awwww.. im really an adult now.
guess i can't be immature anymore.
i'll still be watching animes though. hmp.


hmmm..in my 18 years of liviing i've realized these things that i guess will never change:

  • there will always be a point in your life that when you don't need a certain thing, it will just be lying around getting on your way. but you won't be able to find it when you will actually need it.
  • some people just really suck.
  • You can't always escape P.E class.
  • Animes will always have fillers.
  • Some people will always be better and prettier than you are.And some will always be More unfortunate than you are.
  • You'll feel insecure at least once in your life.
  • Items for sale will always look better on the tv / brochure.
  • Some people dont deserve what they have.
  • Some people are just really THAT ugly.
  • What's bad for the health taste better.
  • Tea really helps de-stress.
  • People worry about the stupidest things when they really should be worrying about something more important.
  • Broken hearts are sad, but they heal.
still thinking of more entries to add..  ideas are welcome. ^^

the wanna-be attitude of the Filipinos.

Yeah. Im a Filipino. and i hate it too. The way people here keeps trying hard to belong to somewhere they do not belong. and trying to be something they are not.And being proud of it. (admit it. Filipinos Just have too much pride.  They even keep posting "Go Pinoy!"s on forums where they shouldn't be.(Or maybe some people just have no shame)). Just give it up ok?

But some filipinos do NOT intentionally  merge with any cliches. I think its just a way of finding you self, of finding distinction. And yeah, sometimes, you really need to TRY hard to find your own style(Like some pinoy artists that are always brutally criticized by people who dont even know how to draw).And sometimes, they Just do not have a choice(like OFWS.-Yes, this is a poor country. and Yes, we need money.)

On the long run, i think its Filipinos themselves that are degrading other people's respect for them( i'll try not to be one of them.).Like, those who are searching for old filthy rich foreigners to marry.Really, not all FILIPINAS are like that.

So Please do not think that All filipinos are the same.

  Not every filipino artist have no distinct style (and accdg to some people " are copying the japs")(art is EVOLVING. remember? One style leads to the other. I dont go around saying to every american artist who drew manga/anime that they copied the japs' style).

Not all female filipinos are THAT desperate-looking for some old westerner hag to marry so she can be rich.(No, thank you.).

Not all filipinos are THAT stupid to go rallying around EDSA, just causing havoc because someone payed them to.

Not all filipinos are THAT dumb to degrade the essence of PEOPLE POWER by doing it unnecessarily over and over again.

Not all filipinos are THAT stupid Not to practice safe sex and then later gets impregnated  and is forced out of school.

Not all filipinos are THAT stupid Not to practice safe sex and then later complains because they cannot afford to give their 11 children a steady future.

and Not all filipinos are Complaining and whining and blaming the government (instead of looking for a job) because they are poor and they chose not to do something
about it.

The Philippines
had build a cage for itself. The Philippines, in my opinion, is unfortunately,not free again.

I'm sorry, Jose Rizal.

Sadako application

Yeah they are just my hairs. they're kinda creepy so i think they're somewhat cool.
I'm wondering if Kuchiki-kun will help me  trim my hair by using Senbonsakura.
THAT.would be cool.